Weather in Puerto Vallarta

9 Jul

Puerto Vallarta has a new weather website ! This new website features all relevant information regarding the climate in Puerto Vallarta. The visitor will see various tables and graphs on a yearly or monthly base, where he finds exact information … Read More »

Sacred Beaches of Puerto Vallarta

9 Jun

The big pull—the bargain—behind Puerto Vallarta is that, although it’s only a few miles from Cancun, it’s seemingly a hundred. While the luxury all-inclusives are still plentiful, nowhere to be found are the disappointing beaches strewn with sun baking bodies. … Read More »

Art, Courtesy of Puerto Vallarta

22 Apr

Dangling high over the ocean, looking out to Puerto Vallarta, we are allowed an opportunity to take it all in; the array of greens that coat the mountains casually sink down and over a quaint town of white and terracotta … Read More »

A Step Beyond Cancun to Puerto Vallarta

17 Apr

A small fishing village resides a few hundred miles outside the not-so-small Cancun, Mexico. Though Puerto Vallarta is certainly not without its fair share of gentrification, when compared side-by-side to its overdeveloped neighbor, what it lacks is, in fact, what makes … Read More »

Airport Puerto Vallarta (PVR)

23 Mar

The well recommendable Puerto Vallarta Directory features together with real estate or activities and many other sections a Puerto Vallarta Airport section. But the directories authors still cant find a website which shows actual arrivals and departures. If any reader … Read More »