Getting Married in Puerto Vallarta

A few years ago, my wife and I had the most incredible wedding in Puerto Vallarta where more than 100 of our friends and family joined us for a celebration. The venue was a beautiful villa in Mismaloya that we secured from The Caribbean Villas, from their large Puerto Vallarta Vacation Rental inventory.

Puerto Vallarta Wedding

It all started a year earlier when we decided to look into the benefits of having a destination wedding. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and since I am from Chile I struggled with the idea of getting married here and not having many of my friends and family present. If they were to come to the U.S. they would have to go to Uncle Sam’s embassy in Chile to get a Visa, throw down a lot of money for a round trip flight, book an expensive hotel in the City, and figure out how to get around in another language. I started to think that the only thing from Chile that I would enjoy on my wedding day would be the wine. Continue reading Getting Married in Puerto Vallarta

Why stay in a hotel when you can rent a villa with private pool and cook service for the same price?

For new and seasoned travelers alike, there is no better way to enjoy your vacation experience in a tropical paradise than by renting a private villa.

For rates per bedroom very competitive with hotels and condos, you can enjoy your own private resort home complete with professional staff ; non-intrusive day employees who provide a comfortable mix of personalized service and privacy.

You will find there is no comparison to spending your long awaited holiday in a well appointed vacation home to a room with a bed.

At a villa you will enjoy:

A trained cook to cater to your fancy without having to do the grocery shopping or cleaning…

A butler to prepare drinks poolside in the evening as you watch sunset…

Catered dinner parties for your houseguests in the luxury of your own home…

The convenience of dining out only when you want to…at a villa you do not have to eat out every meal and you only pay for the groceries and tips; not restaurant prices….

Lounging in comfort with no schedules to meet…. At a hotel, you can only enjoy breakfast in your pajamas by ordering room service.

To ensure the success of your villa experience, contact Vacation Villas of Mexico. A professional villa specialist will guide you through the process, make educated recommendations based on your needs and budget and generally take the worry out of your planning.  

Secluded Beaches in Puerto Vallarta

I will soon be traveling to Puerto Vallarta with the little lady, and thanks to this blog I have plenty of things lined up to do. Now, a friend of mine mentioned that he caught a water taxi for about 30-45 minutes that took him and his wife to a very secluded beach where they would not be bothered all day long. I too, would like to enjoy the company of my lady without anyone around. Does anyone have information on where you might find such services?

Weather in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has a new weather website ! This new website features all relevant information regarding the climate in Puerto Vallarta. The visitor will see various tables and graphs on a yearly or monthly base, where he finds exact information on sun and rain, dry period and wet period, visibility as well as average and high sustained wind speed, air pressure, thunder storms, atmospheric humidity and more. Just try it and bookmark this great Puerto Vallarta weather resource.

Sacred Beaches of Puerto Vallarta

The big pull—the bargain—behind Puerto Vallarta is that, although it’s only a few miles from Cancun, it’s seemingly a hundred. While the luxury all-inclusives are still plentiful, nowhere to be found are the disappointing beaches strewn with sun baking bodies. In Puerto Vallarta, the beaches are quiet, unspoiled and sprawling. No longer is there a need to hope that the beach in the brochure matches the one at the hotel.

What you see is what you get in Puerto Vallarta, and that’s what we like most about it. There is not photoshopping or photos at awkwardly flattering angles. If we saw the Eiffel tower in a photo of a Puerto Vallarta beach, well, we’d expect there to be one jutting out from the sand, come our next visit; that’s how stoic its beaches are.

Although Puerto Vallarta already flaunts some pretty spectacular sights, like any scenario with the potential for competition, there are some that outshine others.

Destiladeras – A wide, white beach situated between the town of La Crus and Punta Mita (near Rancho Banderas). Along the shore are 2 or 3 restaurants. The crowd never gets too large and the waves are ideal for surfing and skimboarding.

Punta Mita – Home of two beaches; the beach at El Ancolte and the one at Emiliano Zapata. The specialty here is abnormally clear-blue water; generally calm and inviting. Although they are popular with the tourists, the beach never gets uncomfortably crowded.

Sayulita – The best place to surf in Puerto Vallarta. Features a large number of restaurants and a bordering community.

San Pancho (San Francisco) – The most striking beach of Puerto Vallarta. Excellent for walking, or just observing. The town that neighbors it is set in something of a Walt Whitman poem; it is sleepy and quaint.

The beaches of Puerto Vallarta are unlike those of Cabo, Cancun, or Miami. They are not stuffed to the brim with tourists or tourism. They prefer to be enjoyed and experienced, rather than accommodated or tolerated.

Booking Tours in Puerto Vallarta: A modern approach

For as long as Puerto Vallarta has had a tourism industry and people have had access to the internet, we have had the option of booking tours online. This has proven to be quite a convenience, saving customers time and the often unnecessary ‘foreign transaction fee’ by credit card companies.

However, with the advancement of technology and the methodologies utilized to develop cutting edge websites, many of the Puerto Vallarta booking services have been left behind. Many still offer websites based off of FrontPage, a formerly widely used system for developing websites from Microsoft. The problem is, that this system is extremely outdated, obsolete, and worst of all opens visitors up to potential identity theft through the multiple security holes prevalent in the system. It also greets visitors with archaic web designs, and a navigation that is often hard to get through, if it even works at all in today’s modern browsers.

Enter, the new age of booking in Puerto Vallarta. One which utilizes the most modern of technologies and overcomes the poor security standard set by tour providers in Puerto Vallarta. Vallarta Discovery, one of Puerto Vallarta’s most modern booking services, offers a stream lined approach to booking tours online. The site offers a beautiful design that is pleasing aesthetically, as well as an intuitive navigation that allows for an extremely user friendly experience.

The checkout is also extremely useful, allowing you complete control over what you are purchasing. Not to mention the SSL (Secured Socket Layer) secured checkout processed by a world renown credit card processing system.

Enjoy Puerto Vallarta like never before: booking Puerto Vallarta Tours will never be the same.

Art, Courtesy of Puerto Vallarta

Dangling high over the ocean, looking out to Puerto Vallarta, we are allowed an opportunity to take it all in; the array of greens that coat the mountains casually sink down and over a quaint town of white and terracotta rooftops.  Surveying the scene, we happen upon an anomaly of sorts; a twelve-ton whale, hovering in place at the entrance of

Puerto Vallarta’s marina area.

“Vallarta’s Whale”, sculpted by Octavio Gonzalez, was born solely from observation and imagination.  Said one Gonzalez’s students, “Master Octavio has a tape measure in his eyes, lead in his forehead, and volume in his hands.”  The weight of the bronzed whale rests on a point whose surface measures less than one square meter; a homage to women as an essential point of balance in the family and a monumental signifier of Puerto Vallarta’s bustling art scene. Continue reading Art, Courtesy of Puerto Vallarta

A Step Beyond Cancun to Puerto Vallarta

A small fishing village resides a few hundred miles outside the not-so-small Cancun, Mexico. Though Puerto Vallarta is certainly not without its fair share of gentrification, when compared side-by-side to its overdeveloped neighbor, what it lacks is, in fact, what makes it so unique.  Where Cancun is sprawling in nature, with its busy spring break reputation and hotel zone; Puerto Vallarta has a visibly flourishing ecosystem, its famous Puerto Vallarta hotels, and a tourism industry that—although not as thriving—takes you back to the true, authentic Mexico.  Continue reading A Step Beyond Cancun to Puerto Vallarta

Airport Puerto Vallarta (PVR)

Airport Puerto Vallarta PVRThe well recommendable Puerto Vallarta Directory features together with real estate or activities and many other sections a Puerto Vallarta Airport section. But the directories authors still cant find a website which shows actual arrivals and departures. If any reader knows where to find such a web site please post it here. If You are looking for airport tranfers or shuttle services to Puerto Vallarta You will find interesting links in that directory. Some airlines are added allready, more to come.