Why stay in a hotel when you can rent a villa with private pool and cook service for the same price?

8 Aug

For new and seasoned travelers alike, there is no better way to enjoy your vacation experience in a tropical paradise than by renting a private villa.

For rates per bedroom very competitive with hotels and condos, you can enjoy your own private resort home complete with professional staff ; non-intrusive day employees who provide a comfortable mix of personalized service and privacy.

You will find there is no comparison to spending your long awaited holiday in a well appointed vacation home to a room with a bed.

At a villa you will enjoy:

A trained cook to cater to your fancy without having to do the grocery shopping or cleaning…

A butler to prepare drinks poolside in the evening as you watch sunset…

Catered dinner parties for your houseguests in the luxury of your own home…

The convenience of dining out only when you want to…at a villa you do not have to eat out every meal and you only pay for the groceries and tips; not restaurant prices….

Lounging in comfort with no schedules to meet…. At a hotel, you can only enjoy breakfast in your pajamas by ordering room service.

To ensure the success of your villa experience, contact Vacation Villas of Mexico. A professional villa specialist will guide you through the process, make educated recommendations based on your needs and budget and generally take the worry out of your planning.  

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