Who we are and what we want with this Puerto Vallarta Blog.

Originally from Germany the sites owner came a few years ago together with his mexican wife because of her job at the local University C.U.C. to Puerto Vallarta. As Puerto Vallarta in opposite to Cancun is not the typical european vacation destination he was impressed of its beautiful natural surroundings and the nice and familar atmosphere between the people and the mostly US and canadian tourists.

To see a tourism location from the other, the citizens side, was very important to have an impression of the things which are going well and the other ones, which are problematic to both citizens and visitors. The tourist normally is leaded or misleaded by the vacation industry, the reason why many very interesting and independent information is unavailable to the traveler.

To help on this, and open more possibilities for successful and satisfying Puerto Vallarta Vacation, this private and noncommercial blog is dedicated to all kind of usual and unusual information, questions, interesting local news and tips, polls, opinions, comments and private reviews, made by everyone who wants to tell his certain view or opinion on Puerto Vallarta related aspects.

The site and the commentsystem are absolutely independent and noncommercial, this means any kind of opinion is welcome, respecting the terms of use, mainly the usage of acceptable and not offending words.

Be part of a growing community, let people know what You know, tell them where to go and where NOT to go. Let everybody know where are the tourist traps and where are the unique unforgottabole experiences waiting to be discovered.


Claudio Giovannelli,

Circuito Int. 596

48313 Puerto Vallarta

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