Terms of Use

1) Terms

a) Please be so kind and donĀ“t use offending or discriminating language, if You write a critic please be clear and fair with Your language.

b) If You load up photos make sure that You have the copyright on them. Dont send Photos of people which did not give You the permission to do so.

c) We are free to delete any comment, review, picture or other at any time without previous information.

d) You may write about Your favorite club or table dance, but You are not allowed to use pornographic language or pictures.

e) Please do not send any kind of spam.

f) All textes, comments and photos on this page are under the rigths of the authors of the articles. You are not allowed to copy them without the owners permission.

g) If You put links in Your posts, make sure that these sites are of a equal quality as described within this terms.

h) If You want to post links to Your sites, please link back to our page.

i) You give us the global right to use Your submitted content within our page, until You decide to take it of this page. In this case get in contact with us, to make sure that we receive the desired elemination.

j) All submissions are made for free, You dont stay with us in any kind of business relationship.

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