Weather in Puerto Vallarta

9 Jul

Puerto Vallarta has a new weather website ! This new website features all relevant information regarding the climate in Puerto Vallarta. The visitor will see various tables and graphs on a yearly or monthly base, where he finds exact information … Read More »

Sacred Beaches of Puerto Vallarta

9 Jun

The big pull—the bargain—behind Puerto Vallarta is that, although it’s only a few miles from Cancun, it’s seemingly a hundred. While the luxury all-inclusives are still plentiful, nowhere to be found are the disappointing beaches strewn with sun baking bodies. … Read More »

Credit Card Fraud in Puerto Vallarta

28 Aug

ATM and Credit Card Fraud in Puerto Vallarta, Olas Altas Zone. During the last weeks a growing number of card holders report fraudulent withdrawals from their accounts. This is not a Vallarta specific matter, credit card fraud is a problem … Read More »

I like this Blog

8 Aug

Hey, I was looking a long time for a nice and well build Puerto Vallarta Blog. Now I found this one, congrats to the nice work. I am not really sure which beach is shown in the header but seems … Read More »

Well done, Vallarta !

12 Jun

Just 3 days ago the Puerto Vallarta News announced the foundation of a new and international University of Arts. Featured are Ballet, Contemporanean Dance, Music, Theater and various additional areas of studies. I believe this is one of the best … Read More »