Puerto Vallarta has a new weather website ! This new website features all relevant information regarding the climate in Puerto Vallarta. The visitor will see various tables and graphs on a yearly or monthly base, where he finds exact information on sun and rain, dry period and wet period, visibility as well as average and high sustained wind speed, air pressure, thunder storms, atmospheric humidity and more. Just try it and bookmark this great Puerto Vallarta weather resource.

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  1. allangering says:

    Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by jungle, and receives considerable rain. The rainy season is June to September, rainiest in September. December and January, the peak tourist season, are hot and sunny. Weather in Spring and Autumn includes moderate temperatures. While the rain can spoil a day at the beach, the storms can be quite beautiful, with rain seeming to march across the hills and lightning illuminating the sky. Runoff from the rains can turn the seawater brown in some areas, detracting somewhat from the beauty of the beaches and sea. Temperatures reach 90 degrees F (32 C) during the summer, and the humidity can add to the perception of heat. During the winter, weather changes significantly and temperatures are in the low to mid 80′s F (28-30 C), quite comfortable for a stroll on the beach.
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