Is the ocean at Puerto Vallarta dangerous ?

13 Jun

Many people tend to swim at the Vallarta beaches, but sometimes they are afraid to do so. This is a very well thinking, because there are some risks. Everywhere, where the water is very dark, it becomes very fast very deep, and where are no waves it is the same thing. Close to the rivers the traveler should be very careful, because the water moves very fast towards the ocean and because of the incalculable currents it can become a mayor risk. There are no attacking fishes or sharks around the beaches, I know just about one Fish which lives close to the ground with a lot of prickles. If some one steps over it, it can poison the person. All the areas where many people swim are sure.

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5 Replies to “Is the ocean at Puerto Vallarta dangerous ?

  1. In November 2006 my husband was stung by a sting-ray on the bottom of his foot and required medical doctor to alleviate the severe pain by injecting an anesthetic into his foot which helped for a few hours. It took almost three months to heal. Other than that have never been bothered by any animal and in fact swam with the baby stingrays when we were there the year before that. Wear water shoes and it should provide protection.

  2. Can someone please provide any information on the cleanliness of the ocean water in Puerto Vallarta? I have heard that it is very dirty and that people can and do get sick from swimming in it. I would like to see some reports of the water quality but don’t know where to find them. Thank you.

  3. Hello Elisa, the cleanliness of the ocean water in Puerto Vallarta depends on the month which You choose for Your visit. Please see that between June and October 3 of 7 days are rainy days and the small rivers push earth into the ocean. So You can say from June to October the water is not clean close to the rivers. From November to May the waters are clean. I prefer the time from March to June for my travels.

    If You book Nuevo Vallarta or hotels which ar far away from the rivers, the water allways is ok. The best water quality was found at La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Bucerias.

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