A Step Beyond Cancun to Puerto Vallarta

17 Apr

A small fishing village resides a few hundred miles outside the not-so-small Cancun, Mexico. Though Puerto Vallarta is certainly not without its fair share of gentrification, when compared side-by-side to its overdeveloped neighbor, what it lacks is, in fact, what makes it so unique.  Where Cancun is sprawling in nature, with its busy spring break reputation and hotel zone; Puerto Vallarta has a visibly flourishing ecosystem, its famous Puerto Vallarta hotels, and a tourism industry that—although not as thriving—takes you back to the true, authentic Mexico. 

What has the tourists that visited Cancun, traveling now to the drowsy little town of Puerto Vallarta?  Canopy Tours de los Veranos.  Self-described as an “eco-adventure,” the tour is 14 zip lines, great food, indigenous wildlife, and even a smorgasbord of tequila.  But what its patronage will tell you makes the experience is not only the lush, surreal jungle terrain, or the feeling of flying along a zip-line, but the guides.

They have been called a “fun and enjoyable team,” in many of the reviews and it goes without saying that a tour is only as good as its guides’ experience and rapport.  They move you through each stage as though you were a family member—carefully, never rushed.The tour is about 4 hours in length and can be experienced by both the not-so adventurous as well as the adventurous.  While the latter participates in the thrills of fast paced zip lines and coming face-to-face with exotic animals; something a bit more tamed and relaxing can be had when you stay behind to enjoy waterslides and swimming, shopping at the tienda, eating at Pancho’s Last Resort restaurant, or sampling over 80 brands of tequila at the palapa bar.

There are a few elements to take into consideration, however, when considering Canopy Tours de los Veranos as apart of your vacation’s itinerary.

You will see a number of unique animal and plant species.

79 USD for adults.

58 USD for children 6-12.

20-25 USD for non-participants.

You should consider: a tshirt and shorts, a camera, bug repellant, and a swimsuit and towel.

The Canopy Tours’ first priority is the safety of their guests and equipment.

It is worth nothing that if you are entertaining the idea of adding the tour to your next vacation, you could benefit greatly from booking online to save 15 percent.  If there is one thing that “you must do” on your visit to Puerto Vallarta, make sure it’s the Canopy Tour; the only way to satisfy that hunger without bursting your budget.

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