Booking Tours in Puerto Vallarta: A modern approach

25 May

For as long as Puerto Vallarta has had a tourism industry and people have had access to the internet, we have had the option of booking tours online. This has proven to be quite a convenience, saving customers time and the often unnecessary ‘foreign transaction fee’ by credit card companies.

However, with the advancement of technology and the methodologies utilized to develop cutting edge websites, many of the Puerto Vallarta booking services have been left behind. Many still offer websites based off of FrontPage, a formerly widely used system for developing websites from Microsoft. The problem is, that this system is extremely outdated, obsolete, and worst of all opens visitors up to potential identity theft through the multiple security holes prevalent in the system. It also greets visitors with archaic web designs, and a navigation that is often hard to get through, if it even works at all in today’s modern browsers.

Enter, the new age of booking in Puerto Vallarta. One which utilizes the most modern of technologies and overcomes the poor security standard set by tour providers in Puerto Vallarta. Vallarta Discovery, one of Puerto Vallarta’s most modern booking services, offers a stream lined approach to booking tours online. The site offers a beautiful design that is pleasing aesthetically, as well as an intuitive navigation that allows for an extremely user friendly experience.

The checkout is also extremely useful, allowing you complete control over what you are purchasing. Not to mention the SSL (Secured Socket Layer) secured checkout processed by a world renown credit card processing system.

Enjoy Puerto Vallarta like never before: booking Puerto Vallarta Tours will never be the same.

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