Britney Spears in Puerto Vallarta

16 Jun

Yes, it happened. Britney Spears visited Puerto Vallarta ! Ok, not EXACTLY Puerto Vallarta, but the famous Four Seasons hotel at Punta Mita. The north point of the Banderas Bay, 25 miles to Puerto Vallarta. The hotel is known as one of the best Puerto Vallarta offers. If You now ask around in the city, everbody has seen Britney Spears and everyone took some photos. Just, nobody has one !!! Corious not ?

At least we dont have, and if so, we wouldnt post them ! Why ?? Very easy, people come to relax and it doesnt matter who they are. Why a star isnt allowed to have some relaxing days ??

However, Puerto Vallarta is happy about Britney Spears visit, it is the best publicity for the area. We hope that she and her friend had some nice and relaxing hours, and that they forgot for a time all the trouble ! You are welcome when ever You want Mrs. Spears !!

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