Weather in Puerto Vallarta

9 Jul

Puerto Vallarta has a new weather website ! This new website features all relevant information regarding the climate in Puerto Vallarta. The visitor will see various tables and graphs on a yearly or monthly base, where he finds exact information … Read More »

The Beaches around Puerto Vallarta Mexico

26 Jun

Puerto Vallarta, situated in the Banderas Bay, the second largest bay of the world, has about 26 miles or 42 km of different beaches. Some of the beaches are different in kind of sand, the visitors quantity, accessability and also … Read More »

And whats about Nuevo Vallarta ?

23 Jun

Nuevo Vallarta isn’t a city or a village, Nuevo Vallarta about 10 miles north to Puerto Vallarta, is a planned vacation resort area, featuring the most sophisticated and modernst hotels in Mexico. A special feature is the spacious hotel area at the … Read More »

Emergencies in Puerto Vallarta

20 Jun

Ok, nobody wants to use them, but if they are necessary its good to know where to find them for Puerto Vallarta. Here I have some important phone numbers for the community: Emergencies  060 Red Cross  065 Fire Department  (322) … Read More »