13 Jun

Important: To avoid communication problems You should have the written destinations adress on hand.

Airport Taxi: At any Airport or Overland Busterminal in Mexico You find buths to buy a Taxi Transport to Your destination. Payment is in advance, transport is secure and all drivers are registered. There are luggage carriers also, which are not included, if You use their service please be friendly with tipping. It’s a very hard job.

The yellow Puerto Vallarta cabTaxi: Once You are at Your destination and Your luggage is secured You may also use the normal yellow taxis You find all over the city. Before entering a Taxi ask for the quote. Quotes are fixed by zones but this matter is within the knowledge of the taxidrivers, You dont have a control option. Within the city You get to any place at prices between 30 and 60 Pesos.

If You are in a hotel You will find there at the lobby lists with approximated Taxi cost to Your destination.
Puerto Vallarta Taxi drivers are mostly friendly and helpfull. Most of them speak also some english and their recommendations could be interesting for the tourist.

City Buses: Hint: Bus stops are called PARADA, look out for a blue sign with a Bussymbol. If You dont know something, just ask, people are friendly and helpful. In Puerto Vallarta are three different bus systems.

The green buses take You within the city to any place, if You dont know which bus to use, just ask. Cost is 5 Pesos / person. Children up to 12 years pay 2.50 Pesos.

The white/blue buses take You to any destination close to the coast line, price also is 5 Pesos / person. Children up to 12 years pay 2.50 Pesos.

The ATM or other buses You may use to visit other places like bucerias, sayulitas, mismaloya and more at the banderas bay. Price is between 5 and 20 pesos depending on the distance to the destination. Main bus stop for this buses is infront of the Walmart, close to the marina.

Overland Buses: If You are going to visit long distance destinations like other cities and regions of Jalisco or Mexico You may use the brilliant Overland Bussystem. Each city has at least one Main Busterminal, in Puerto Vallarta there are two of them close to the airport. The most recommended bus line is ETN, You may buy tickets in various places in the city, by phone or at the terminal. The important thing is, that ETN uses three row seats. For larger persons this is a very important matter. Its a bit more expensive, but You will like it. A lot of other lines are also available at any price.

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