Credit Card Fraud in Puerto Vallarta

28 Aug

ATM and Credit Card Fraud in Puerto Vallarta, Olas Altas Zone.

During the last weeks a growing number of card holders report fraudulent withdrawals from their accounts. This is not a Vallarta specific matter, credit card fraud is a problem everywhere in the world.

As reported a criminal group from the north, possibly professionals from Monterrey or the USA, uses stolen data including PIN numbers to withdraw funds from ATMs in Mexico and the USA.

You should make sure, that nobody has the possibility to observ You entering Your PIN number in local ATMs. This may prevent in some cases but isn´t a secure method, as criminals use electronical devices, which they connect between the ATMs datatransfer wires to spy Your PIN number, identity and so on.

The best thing You actually can do is to buy traveler cheques by American Express or Visa.

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